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James S.H. Kiang Consulting

The branding of the business has been done using one of the oldest forms of identification known: heraldry. After ruminating over the modern tendencies to hire advertising agencies, I decided to consult an agency older than most concepts of branding. The fact such institutions as the Monarchy and the Catholic Church continue to employ these devices as central components of identification should remind all of the importance of these historic agencies in our modern world.

This is the full achievement of my Arms, as granted from the Crown:


The following is the Blazon:

Arms (Shield): Gules a fess wavy between three constructs of five hexagons fesswise voided of their fields conjoined in saltire Or.

Crest: A yellow-beak loon (Gavia adamsii) proper resting on a nest of hexagons Gules each charges with a flame Or.

Wreath: Or and Gules

Mantling: Gules doubled Or

Motto: PROSPERITAS PER VIRTUTEM (Prosperity through Courage)

These Arms were granted on 10 November 2003 by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, under delegation from the Crown. Official information can be obtained from Government House (Canada) and the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada. Grants of Arms are public documents, available for inspection by the public at large. You are encouraged to use this freedom to your advantage.