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Welcome! The shake function is a small javascript culled from another Internet site (www.popsmear.com). If you experienced it, you should understand the nature of the technology you are using. This page is my pro bono to the public on the technologies of the Internet. (You can download the .js file directly from www.jameskiang.com/shake.js and invoke it on a page using the method in the www.jameskiang.com/index.html file.)

This page is a kind of retrospective on technologies, both current and obsolete, that provide Internet users with a perspective on the technology they are using.

lynx LYNX: a world on its own for browsing that many today have probably not enjoyed. It is incredibly fast, and can have some handy benefits when encountering sites you want to dissect quickly. Try browsing with it and watch the Tx and Rx on your modem, then compare to Microsoft's IE or Netscape's Navigator.

Mosaic Mosaic: Web browser from the past.

ARPANet ARPANET: The history lesson you should learn to use the Internet.

anonymizer Anonymizer.com - know what you're getting into and how it works when you use the Internet. Simple precautions will alleviate much angst later on.

Free Stuff

If you want to be productive, and are strapped for cash, the following are excellent Internet resources for free software that rivals the best office software available in the market:

OpenOffice OpenOffice: This is just amazing. Given the fact you can view most "office" productivity documents is a plus, but being able to create your own and convert them to Portable Document Format (PDF) for wider distribution makes the concept of "free" even better than ever.

WayBack Archive.org's Internet Archive: A good idea put into practice.

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